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Adrienne A. Harris
Superintendent of Financial Services as Receiver

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Reliance Insurance Co.

Estate Profile:
State of Domicile: Pennsylvania
Date of Rehabilitation: 05/29/2001
Date of Liquidation: 10/03/2001
Date of Ancillary Receivership: 12/14/2001
Termination of Policies: 11/03/2001
Proof of Claim Filing Deadline: 10/03/2002 modified to 12/31/2003
Dividend Distribution: Early Access
Bar Date: 03/31/2016

Historical Information:

Reliance Insurance Company was a property and casualty insurer domiciled in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company consented to the entry of an order of rehabilitation by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on May 29, 2001. On October 3, 2001, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ordered Reliance Insurance Company into Liquidation, and on December 14, 2001, the New York Superintendent of Insurance was appointed Ancillary Receiver by the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

In the State of New York, Reliance Insurance Company wrote workers compensation, private passenger and commercial auto, public motor vehicle liability, general liability, and professional liability coverage as well as surety bonds.

Under New York Insurance law covered claims are paid by three funds - the New York Property / Casualty Insurance Security Fund (P/C Fund), the New York Public Motor Vehicle Liability Security Fund (PMV Fund), and the New York Workers Compensation Security Fund (WC Fund).

The NYLB has retained the services of several third party administrators to expedite the processing of claims against the Reliance Insurance Company.